Dear customers


We are pleased to announce the signing of an agreement to sell the assets of Bono Platten GmbH and integrate them into Condecta AG.


The purchase contract includes the acquisition of the hexagonal composite panels, the production tools for existing and other panel models, the homepage, the current rental contracts and the customer base.


We would like to thank you very much for the pleasant cooperation in the last years and are absolutely convinced that we hand you, our esteemed customers, over into competent hands.


 Mr. Stefano D'Albenzio of Condecta AG is now at your disposal for advice, service and questions. You can reach him on +41 52 234 51 46 or


We thank you for your confidence and wish you all the best for the future.



Areas of Application


Our Bono-Panles are particularly suitable for fairs. We guarantee fast construction and dismantling of our hexagonal composite tiles and we..

Outdoor and Indoor Events

At outdoor and indoor events, the accessible area is usually a problem and with our hexagonal composite tiles we have the solution for you.

Parking Spaces

Creating new parking spaces in the shortest time possible. Temporary parking is not a problem anymore. Instead of parking vehicles on a..


Under the open sky hexagonal composite tiles are a must. The composite panels have several application areas: green spaces, concert halls,..


For garden parties, reconstructions or other similar activities, our Bono-Panels let you stride on solid ground and protect your garden..

Construction and civil engineering

In construction and civil engineering projects paths are easily made on impassable terrain with our hexagonal composite tiles.

Temporary Roads

Bono panels are the best solution for all your mobile and temporary road and area requirements. Prevent unsightly ruts and mud puddles.


You need a solid slip-free surface, which is reliable, fulfills your demands and makes any event complete. In that case the hexagon..


Application is easy and can be carried out by any unskilled person not requiring any previous knowledge. Furthermore it’s 3x3 interlocking system..


Hexagon composite tiles make possible and facilitate wheelchair access for the disabled and the handicapped as well as the older generation, access..


Patented Hexagon composite tiles are made from recycled plastic. They support the regeneration of the ground and protect the fragile structure..


The patented Hexagon composite tiles were originally developed for the Deutsche Bundeswehr – German Defence Service. Where it well withstood its..